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The Queen of England recently visited the frigate HMS Lancaster, however one usual crew member was not on board—the resident pet, an African Grey named Sunny. It was feared that Sunny’s foul mouth–who swears like a sailor, literally– might offend Her Highness, so the parrot was put into “retirement.”

The mascot’s salty utterings included “a**e”, “feck” and phrases such as “Zulus, thousands of ’em,” and “You ain’t seen nothing, right?”

She is now living with Tony Sawyer and his wife in Penarth, South Wales.

Tony said: “She goes through quite a repertoire but we are trying to tone the language down a bit.”

A Navy spokesman said: “It’s true that Sunny had picked up a rich navy vernacular and we wish her the best in retirement.”


  1. #1 Inci
    November 13, 2006

    “Zulus, thousands of ’em,”

    I imagine the Queen is used to remarks like this; she is, after all, married to the Duke of Edinburgh.

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