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The Inner Life of A Cell

All of cellular biology in a nutshell. Some interesting aspects of mammalian cell biology in slick animated form. Beautiful and informative.


  1. #1 Brian
    February 6, 2007

    Well, it’s very good at showing part of what happens during diapedesis, but I don’t know about “all of cellular biology in a nutshell.”

  2. #2 Shelley Batts
    February 6, 2007

    Yes yes, well, what did expect for 7 minutes? 😛

  3. #3 Brian
    February 6, 2007

    Well, I was kind of hoping that that video would be it and I could be done with my PhD now, instead of it being years away.

  4. #4 Larry Moran
    February 6, 2007

    It’s a reasonable summary of some of the things that go on in a mammalian cell. A better title for this article would be “The Inner Life of a Mammalian Cell.”

    Other kinds of cells are bacterial cells (prokaryotes), fungi, and plants. I try to fight against the mammal-centric bias that’s so common among medical researchers. We need to get the word out that there’s more to biology than just humans and their close relatives.

  5. #5 Chase
    February 6, 2007

    There is?

  6. #6 Robster
    February 6, 2007

    Love this video. I’ve been trying to find a good excuse to show it in class.

  7. #7 Vijayachandra Ramachandra
    February 8, 2007

    hey..totally unrelated to this subject…just wanted to let you know that steve pinker is going to be on the colbert report…check it out guys!!

  8. #8 Traci
    February 13, 2007

    I’ve seen a video that has the same clips, and then some, that doesn’t give all the explanations, but just has music in the background as you watch the cell do its stuff. It is really cool to watch.

    I don’t know how to insert a link, but this is the URL to it.

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