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If MC Hammer Was a Scientist…

He might present this at the next meeting:

i-7f91e06ab4b426089ab13e2710149bd3-can't touch this.jpg

And have you heard about B.E. Smalls? I hear he’s made a breakthrough:

i-f637b6be9997ac65d663bd7b945447b1-money problems excel.jpg

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the eminent Dr. Dre’s work (coauthor, Eminem):


If you aren’t familiar with the Unified Theory of Everything (no, not *that* one), you might do well to learn now.

Check out more abuses of Excel, here. Hap tip to the evil kitten.


  1. #1 Laura
    November 16, 2007

    This is great. I will use as a hook to get my students thinking about graphically displaying data–and the fact that pretty graphs can make even the most innane results appear intriguing. The only thing I could possibly add would be a Venn diagram showing Kanye West’s relationship between “right” and “wronger”

  2. #2 Charlie (Colorado)
    November 16, 2007

    “Were” a scientist.

    — Nat’l Association for the Reintroduction of the Subjunctive Mood.

    The rest of it’s hysterical, though.

  3. #3 Azkyroth
    November 18, 2007

    This is amusing.

    (Although, if this sampling is any indicator, hip hop lyrics are even more dimensionally impaired than I would have believed possible. x.x)

  4. #4 Nathan Myers
    November 19, 2007

    When last I checked Excel was entirely unable to produce a scatter plot, perhaps the single most powerful computational tool in science. The omission (also observed in U.S. newspapers) must be deliberate. But why?

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