Wonderful sciencey t-shirts

i-9dc84d4d9156dccb30d5f62466b4219a-swblocks.jpgI justed wanted to give a shout-out to my friends at, a science t-shirt shop. They specialize in wonderful shirts featuring all sorts of molecules (pick your favorite, they’ll make it), sciencey one-liners, and “science varsity” shirts. Minnow and I were recently outfitted with some of their shirts and we debuted them at the zoo blogger meet-up.

I have coveted one of Yellow Ibis’s shirts ever since I first heard about them. I love, love, love their “this is what a scientist looks like” t-shirt, and now I own it. Pictures of the shirt, and Minnow’s adorable shirts below the fold.

this is what a scientist looks like

Minnow got two shirts. The first-one is a custom job: “Geology Class of 2029″
Minnow contemplates the rocks at the NC Zoo

She’s got a little ways to go before growing into the second shirt*:
yellow ibis shirts for Minnow

But that’s OK because:
science is my future

So indulge your inner geek and get some cool tees from Yellow Ibis.

*Dipping dots stains from the zoo. Washed right out.


  1. #1 NJ
    September 29, 2008

    Can we infer from the 2nd pic that Minnow is on the axis of a plunging anticline? It appears that the visible breaks in the outcrop wrap over the top. Or am I reading too much from this one photo?

  2. #2 Amelie
    September 29, 2008

    cool! The shirts look great (now I want one, too).

  3. #3 scicurious
    September 29, 2008

    Yay! Thanks for the link! I am all over the Serotonin one. :)

  4. #4 Coturnix
    September 29, 2008

    I had serotonin, caffeine and CHO-CO-La-Te.

  5. #5 Sara @
    September 29, 2008

    Hey, many thanks for the shout-out! I’ve been reading your blog since long before the SB days, it was nice to be able to give back.

    Minnow is adorable :) Glad it all fits!

  6. #6 Lab Lemming
    September 29, 2008

    I think those are just exfoliation joints in granite, but you’d have to ask minnow for details.

  7. #7 Jenn
    September 30, 2008

    Cute t-shirts! And even cuter Minnow :)

  8. #8 sallama
    June 11, 2010

    siktim belanı olm seninnnnn

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