From my email box:

My name is Annie Fox and I am a graduate student in Social Psychology at the University of Connecticut. Currently, I am conducting a study examining the role of blogging in the lives of Academic mothers. We have identified you as a potential participant because your blog came up in our web search for relevant blogs. Consequently, we would like to invite you to participate in our research study.

Your participation would involve the completion of an anonymous online survey. The survey contains a mixture of multiple-choice and open-response questions, and should take less than an hour to complete. The survey does not have to be completed in one session. You may stop at any time and return later to complete it.

If you know other women who might be interested in participating, please feel free to forward this message to them. Also, feel free to post the link to the survey in your blog.

Our hope in conducting this study is that we will gain a better understanding of the role that blogging plays for women maintaining a career and a family in Academia. We thank you in advance for your consideration. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail ( or or at the address below.

Please click the link below for further information and/or to complete the survey.

I’ll confess that I haven’t taken the survey yet, because the time estimate is a little daunting. But one of these days when I am procrastinating on lecture writing AND my InaDWriMo work, I’ll get to it. I promise.