Open Lab 2008 is a printed anthology of the best science blogging of the year. We’re now only two weeks from the deadline (December 1) for nominating posts for inclusion in this year’s anthology. The fifty best posts, plus one poem and one cartoon, will be chosen by a panel of judges, and the winners will be printed in a book published by That’s right, time spent frittered away on blogging could earn you the right to (truthfully) say “I’m a published author.” As usual, Bora’s got all the details.

Open Lab is now in it’s third year, and the last two years had wonderful writing about science, but were, in my opinion, woefully short on posts about being a scientist (or engineer). Posts about being a woman in science (or engineering) were even less well represented. But let’s try to turn that around this year. Let’s nominate such amazing, candid, funny, and heartbreaking posts that it’ll be impossible for the judges to ignore our talent or dismiss our stories and experiences.

So my challenge to you, dear readers, is to look back through your own blog archives (since Dec. 20, 2007) and nominate your favorite post or two. Then go to some of the other bloggers in your feed reader and do the same. The deadline is December 1st, and there’s a simple web submission form.

Below the fold, I’ve identified some of my favorite posts from the past year of Sciencewomen. Please help me decide which posts should be nominated by leaving a comment or simply by nominating your choice directly.

Posts by Alice:

Posts by ScienceWoman:


  1. #1 Podblack
    November 17, 2008

    Tough choices… I’d say:
    # Academic foolishness
    # Ask a ScienceBlogger: Why do I blog?
    # Engineer, thou name is enlightment hero
    # A reckless proposal, or “Scientists are people too, and it’s time we started treating them that way”
    # Six things departments can do to make interviews more comfortable

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