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Welcome, ScienceWoman!

So lately everybody’s been blogging about the supposed dearth of prominent female science bloggers.

In light of this, we at the ScienceBlogs editorial corner are oh-so-pleased to announce our newest scibling, ScienceWoman, a first-year assistant professor in “-ology.” Her blog’s title, On Being a Scientist and a Woman, is sufficiently self-explanatory.

Here’s what she said on her old blog platform about the move to Sb:

I’ve been blogging here for almost two and a half years, and over that time I’ve probably had at least a dozen readers thank me for writing this blog, for talking about the real issues the women grad students, post-docs and professors face. My hope is that on the ScienceBlogs domain, I’ll attract some readers who otherwise never would have found me – young women who wonder what it’s like to write a dissertation while combating morning sickness and older men who wonder why they hear soft wooshing sounds coming from behind the closed door of their new woman colleague’s office.

So check her out, and show some link love!


  1. #1 katherine sharpe
    September 24, 2007

    Soft wooshing sounds?

  2. #2 ScienceWoman
    September 25, 2007

    Apparently it’s not just older men who need help getting that reference – maybe I was too obscure.

    I meant that sounds that an electric breast pump makes. You know, the handy, dandy appliance that allows moms to still give their babies breast milk even though they are working full time.

    If Facebook thinks pictures of breast-feeding are obscene, they should see what someone hooked up to a pump looks like. There’s no privacy there!