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Just one day to go before the second annual North Carolina Science Blogging Conference at Research Triangle Park! More than 200 bloggers, scientists, journalists, blogger-scientists and blogger-journalists are registered for a craaaazy line-up of discussions, lab tours, dinners, cocktails, and fun. (More details below the fold.)

My plane lands in Durham tomorrow morning, and I’ll be live-blogging for Page 3.14 all weekend to let you know exactly what’s buzzing at the conference.

I’m also planning to do some 3.14 *exclusive* interviews with the ScienceBloggers. Got any TUFF questions you’d like answered? Tell me in the comments here. My digital camera is all charged, too. And we all know what that means. Stay tuned!

Many of our sciblings will be leading conference discussions on Saturday: Peter will discuss blogging on marine sciences, Tara on health/medicine, Zuska and Karen on gender and race, and Martin on social sciences. Janet will discuss blogging ethics, and Shelley and Brian will lead a panel on student blogging. Survey-happy Dave Munger will talk about how to make your blog more interactive. Finally, Chris Mooney, Jennifer, and Sheril will talk about the ever-popular “framing” of science, in a panel called “Changing Minds through Science Communication.” (Check out the conference wiki to find out how to join these discussions live from your computer.)

Bora, conference organizer extraordinaire, has got lots more background info on who’s coming and what to expect.


  1. #1 Exguru
    January 20, 2008

    What was on the flip side of that memorable 78 rpm record, “Way Up in North Carolina,” by Champ Butler?

    Ans: “Down Yonder,” by Champ Butler. Lyric: Down Yonder, when the folks get the news, Don’t wonder at the hullaballooz, There’s Pappy and Mammy, and Ebrem and Sammy, Waitin’ down yonder for, waitin down yonder for, waitin’ down yonder for meeeee!

    Extra Credit: “Way up in North Carolina, North Carolina, from the Smokies to the sea…”

    P.S. This post needed a comment.