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In this post: the large version of the Politics channel photo, a comment from a reader, and the best posts of the week.


A parade of flags at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. From Flickr, by

Reader comment of the week:

In An Ethical Dialogue, Chad Orzel of Uncertain Principles provides a unique take on the PZ Myers vs. Catholic League Crackergate scandal. ScienceBloggers debated intensely in the last week about whether Myers stepped over the line when he offered to publicly desecrate the Eucharist, a wafer Catholics believe is the body of Christ. Chad thinks he probably was, and makes his point without mentioning any names at all; rather, he compares the incident to territorial dogs peeing in front of one anothers’ lawns.

Reader mlf, however, thinks the analogy trivializes the situation:

If only the angry dogs would stay inside their houses… barking at windows. But they are not, they are in the streets, in our government and in our voting booths.

And reader Eric agrees:

If only the dogs really were barking at things on the edge of their lawn, instead of coming over to my lawn and barking at my dog when it pees in my own yard.

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