Shifting Baselines

The blogging conference in North Carolina–not to be confused with a flogging conference or a logging conference or a jogging conference–is over and I just wanted to share some reviews (due to the nature of the beast, it’s been blogged left, right, and center). Check out these links:

Aardvarchaeology’s overview

Jennifer Ouellette’s take on the Root of all Evil after the Framing Science talk

Our enthusiastic leader Bora’s take on the event (plus photos)

Abel Pharmboy’s take on framing science and herding cats

In my opinion, the best moment of the conference was Dave Munger’s announcement of, a new site that will channel blog posts that cover peer-reviewed literature. Just in time for Just Science 2008, when participants will blog science only posts from February 4th through 8th.

SEED science bloggers this past weekend…