Shifting Baselines


We’re in the middle of the Outfest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. I’ve been to four of their parties now. I have to say, these are the nicest, most supportive, most polite, most fun, most open, most down home, most un-pretentious filmmakers I have ever met in nearly 20 years of going to film festivals. I had no idea. I’m thinking of all the posers and phonies I’ve sat and talked to at the probably 50 film festivals I’ve been to over the years. All the full-of-themselves, dressed in black, name dropping, insecure, snotty vacuous filmmakers I’ve had to stand around and chat with at film festivals, and suddenly, this entire event is completely different. And especially for me. I’ve spent countless evenings at film festivals enduring blank stares as I try to explain that I used to be a scientist and now I’m a filmmaker, and I can read it in their eyes, “Euwww, you’re different.” But with this group it is the exact opposite vibe — “Hey, that’s cool, you’re different.” And it really shouldn’t come as any sort of surprise. This is a festival that embraces things that are different, whether they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. Why not embrace trans-professional, too.

So in honor of their friendliness, we had to bring out own special guest to the Pool Party yesterday. Can you spot him in the photo?


OUTFEST POOL PARTY: Can you spot the “Sizzle” cast member?