Big Gav

The NYT profiles Gavin Schmidt: Dr. Schmidt’s demeanor melds the subtle elegance of an Oxford-educated Englishman (which he is) with the savvy of a street-smart New Yorker… ah how true (though there is more of the blood-lust of the NY lawyer in his question style at conferences). Thanks to PT for the tip.

[Update; I’m too sexy for my model says Gristmill on the same story (via CB on RC)]


  1. #1 Dano

    I like it the attempt: the scientists are sooooo sexxy and the septics are dissheveled wankers with greasy hair.

    Not sure it works for me, though…


    [Gavin just ooooozes sex: I think its the close-cropped / bald head :-) -W]

  2. #2 Gavin

    You might want to clarify that last statement…It could be misinterpreted!

    [Oops yes. Consider it clarified! -W]

  3. #3 Dano

    Gavin’s NYT death announcement has it’s first line already written: Gavin Schmidt, the sexxy blogger who helped popularize climate change, died…


  4. #4 Lubos Motl

    William: he’s not bald; instead, he’s just topless.

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