New banner?

Someone made me a possible new banner…

I’m not sure… what do my faithful readers think? Would it make you more likely to read the blog? Or would you rather I just found something interesting to say about science?

Update: I managed to find the code for putting the banner into the header, so lets try it there for size

UUpdate: JF wants blood… I rather sympathise… see the comments

UUUpdate: I’ve previewing this on a 800×600 laptop. It looks like the banner pushes the seed sidebar to the bottom… oops

UUUUpdate: Response was overwhelmingly positive, so I’ve done it. Thanks to Carl Buell for the graphic.


  1. #1 coturnix

    Yes, yes, yes. It is beautiful and makes your blog stand out.

    There are 44 blogs here and they all look alike. We differ from each other only in voice/topic/frequency/quality, but before a new reader is able to figure those out (that takes some time and effort), there is one distinguishing thing – the banner!

  2. #2 greg lewis

    I like it.
    (Not likely to read the blog more, unless you wrote more.)

  3. #3 guthrie

    It does stand out, although it perhaps is not quite as related to the blog topic as I would like.

    Stoat related story- last week I was driving back from work, when I saw a rabbit run across teh road ahead, with a stoat close behind it. It reached the concrete lip at the edge of the road, ran along side it, then leapt back the way it had come, very fast, with the stoat close behind. I didnt see what happened afterwards, since they disappeared into the grass, and I was doing 60 at the time.

  4. #4 John Fleck

    I think this does not go far enough. Your blog title is “taking science by the throat”, right? So what you need is to have your Stoat ripping out Albert Einstein’s throat, or something. Maybe one of those flash animations of which the Seed web staff is so fond? You could have blood spattering across the blog entries below. That’d be sweet.

  5. #5 coturnix

    Go to forums and search for the “banner” thread for detailed instructions how to do it right.

  6. #6 apalazzo

    Nice banner. But you should move the writing up a couple of pixels as the green bar on top of the “Latest Posts” obscures your tagline.

  7. #7 Carel

    Yes!!! It’s wonderful!!

  8. #8 Dano



  9. #9 outeast

    Puzzled – I see no banner… Has it gone already?

  10. #10 outeast

    Aha – on your main page it’s visible, but not on the posts themselves (I came from the SB ‘latest 24 hrs’, so bypassed yr main page).

    It’s nice. Apalazzo has a point abt yr latest posts link tho, and in Explorer it pushes the SB stuff to the bottom of the page as well (including the advert, which is a bonus).

    I like the idea of a blood-spattering Flash header but since Flash stuff destroys usability on my work computer I’d be pissed off if you took that option.

    Generally, though, I think individualizing features are a good call. Especially now SB has got so huge and unwieldy.

  11. #11 oliver

    makes me think of poor Hayley Tucker’s chickens

  12. #12 coby

    I like, especially the bloody enhancement JF suggested ;)

    One note: search engines can’t see the word in the image, and now the word “stoat” does not appear anywhere in the tet of the page. True it’s in the title, but you might want to slip the actual word in somewhere.

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