From the washington post on the AR4: Global Warming Unstoppable, Report Says. Hmmm. Which is worse? The press reporting the skeptics saying GW isn’t happening / isn’t human / isn’t a problem. Or the press telling us we’re all doomed already (so may as well drive those SUVs and crank up the AC…).

“It’s not too late,” said Australian scientist Nathaniel Bindoff, a co-author of the authoritative Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report issued Friday. The worst can be prevented by acting quickly to curb greenhouse gas emissions, he said.


“It’s later than we think,” said panel co-chair Susan Solomon, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientist who helped push through the document’s strong language. Solomon, who remains optimistic about the future, said it’s close to too late to alter the future for her children _ but maybe it’s not too late for her grandchildren.

Who is “we”? presumably not her. And I don’t think the bit about (grand)children makes much sense. And Trenberth doesn’t help:

This climate change “is just not something you can stop,” said Trenberth. “We’re just going to have to live with it…”

Meanwhile, head in a cloud has a summary of AR4/TAR differences, which confirms my feeling that there is nothing dramatic in there. Meanwhile, I’ll dump in a pet thought here: although the press has dutifully presented the AR4 report, I don’t think anyone was particularly thrilling by the strengthening of the attribution point. Which I suggest is because by now everyone believes it anyway, even the skeptics. The exact degree of confidence no longer really matters.


  1. #1 John Quiggin

    I think this is true for people who are paying attention. But for the general public, who have lots of other things on their mind, it’s necessary to hammer home the point repeatedly. And press reporting of the SPM has made a big deal of the conclusion that AGW is (almost) definitely happening.

  2. #2 Grant

    Absolutely right John.

    First the propaganda, then the indoctrination. Somewhere in that time the taxes to keep the masses cowed – useful for a number of purposes of course.

    An ideal strategy for all sorts of social engineering.

    The only problem here in the UK is that we are fast filling in the wider open land areas where one might develop a suitable discreet yet spacious selection of dachas for the ruling politburo. However I am fairly sure that there are other places around the world that they could travel to using private air transport from well protected and concealed airfields so that they will not be accused of abusing their own CO2 strictures.

    The only thing that puzzles me is why, after some years of almost wall to wall climate change warnings from the BBC and most of the rest of the non-entertainment TV news time and persistent alarm bells from the majority of the ink media, the public at large has not got the message.

    I can only assume that the education system here has declined far further than anyone has imagined and that most people with any purchasing power are too miseducated to understand anything at all. Whilst in some ways this would point to a successful recent Change Policy implementation there are clearly some failures involved. The methodology for inducing Blind Faith for example seems to be as yet incomplete.

    Of course being so stupid but not completely brain dead means they cannot be trusted with anything, especially not matters of global policy and certainly nothing to do with politics. After all, having a little knowledge is a dangerous condition to be in. In fact it seems clear that we should suspend democracy, as we still call it, until this climate crisis is under control and it can be shown full proof that there cannot be any form of recurrence for at least 500 years.

    I am working on some proposals for more competent indoctination and suppression of both thought and the Climate Contras. My hope is that I might gain access to one of the smaller dachas. If I am that lucky I do hope I might bump into you there to further the cause.

    Warmly yours,


  3. #3 Eli Rabett

    Might be because there are folk like Grant putting up a smoke screen. Of course, if we called him out as a lackey of the ruling rich who really do have those dachas in nice places that would be not fair.

  4. #4 Grant

    Can anyone offer a sensible interpretation and a statement of relevance of Eli’s post or was it simply used as an opportunity to post a link to his own blog and reference some obscure strip cartoon as a means of self gratification?

  5. #5 guthrie

    I thought they ahd suspended democracy in order to purse the war on terror?

    And Eli’s post was a fair enough retort to your screed, Grant. Especially if you actually think that what you wrote was an intelligble, sensible post.

  6. #6 Eli Rabett

    Poor Grant, people are parroting hurtful rumors about him. Saying he is a right wing propagandist and a lacky of the rich who own beautiful dachas and fly their personal jets back and forth. Those mean bloggers are smearing him, and rumor mongoring. It’s wrong, wrong.

    Actually, Eli thought the cartoon was incredibly appropriate.

  7. #7 Grant


    Sorry, It’s you who are “wrong, wrong” with all of your assumptions (including the cartoon strip in my opinion since it means little to me).

    However your self assessment written in the third party – “people are parroting hurtful rumors about him” – is, presumably, accurate from your perspective.

    I have to assume the you are referring to yourself when you mention ‘people’ and that therefore you feel you are “parroting rumors”. If that makes you feel good, so be it.

    On the other hand it seems that no one is disclaiming that there appears to be a need for indoctrination as JQ suggested. At least I take it that is what he meant by “… it’s necessary to hammer home the point repeatedly.”

    Maybe JQ will confirm whether or not that was what he was implying.

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