Spot the ermine

At Flickr. And I’ve been to Hathersage (which is rather a long way from Dinas Cromlech).


  1. #1 Carl Christensen

    hey, unrelated but since you’re at BAS maybe you can get to the truth behind this — the right-wing blogosphere and US media is reporting that Al Gore planned a rock concert in Antarctica in July, but when contacting BAS was told that it’s mid-winter and a bad time to make the attempt (example URL below).

    It all sounds a bit phony/urban-legend/snopes-ish but is being reported repeatedly as fact (and as proof that “Gore is so dumb about science for now knowing it’s winter in Antarctica, we can’t believe him on global warming etc etc”)

  2. #2 Carl Christensen

    whoops — bas press release that scientist/musicians are taking part —

    so it seems the right-wingers are spinning this whole “Al Gore tried to have a big rock concert in the middle of Antarctic winter” out of that?

  3. #3 Lubos Motl

    If you need to know something about climate change, you can ask the expert – president himself – in the Financial Times.

    It could be very helpful for beginners such as Alexander or William. Good luck, Lubos

    [Its rather vague Lubos – more of a rant than science -W]

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