Another problem with wave power

From the grauniad: Surfers fear smaller swell as Atlantic wave farm approved. Well you can’t make everyone happy.


  1. #1 Adam
  2. #2 Adam
  3. #3 Dunc

    Ah, it’s the old “some” trick… “[S]ome surfers … fear such projects may spoil their sport” – but we’re not going to name or quote any of them, and all the surfers we actually spoke to said something else.

  4. #4 guthrie

    I heard about this on the radio yesterday or Monday. Basically the wave farm people got 2 experts in, who broadly agree it would have little or no effect, and the surfers didn’t believe them, so they got in a 3rd expert who was also sympathetic to surfers who came up with pretty much the same answer.

    So by this stage, I say go ahead, there’s not going to be a problem.

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