Scrumbly bumbly

I thought to myself as I cycled in. More snow! And in that delightful state where left alone it is beautiful and white, but as soon as touched it squelches into sodden slush. So my sandled feet were sprayed with freezing gunk, and the thickly falling flakes covered my glasses. Such fun! School’s in though, which is fair enough, as the infants got yesterday to play. What will this afternoon bring?

pdate: It brought the school closure. But fortunately friends stepped in, so I patched my way through the afternoon. Assembler is fun!

But not as much fun as Snow-crazed stoat ‘goes berserk’ – thanks H.


  1. #1 Phil

    For me the afternoon has brought a wonderful view of the snow-covered Malvern Hills. Lovely!

  2. #2 Adam

    The advantage of working in from home. ;)

    Been a good week, taught my 3 year-old daughter how to build snowmen (two completed in the garden) and been sledging with her most lunchtimes.

  3. #3 Steve L

    I’ve only wiped out on my bike once this winter (so far). It happened in slush rather than on frost/ice, which is my more usual nemesis.

  4. #4 Harold Brooks

    I saw the headline on the BBC story and thought it was about you

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