Don’t try this at home

The recipe (apparently: I was out) is a jar with a little honey in it that you wish to soften; place in the microwave and accidentally type “20 mins” when you meant “20 secs”; go away and return when the room is full of smoke. But the effect is good.


  1. #1 Alistair Wall

    Is that completely carbonised, or is it more of a toffee?

    [Definitely not toffee. Looks smells and feels quite carbonised -W]

  2. #2 Eli Rabett

    Interesting. The same thing happens if you add sulfuric (the official spelling) acid to sugar.

    [Ha. We don’t want none of your stinkin’ “f” acid over here :-) -W]

  3. #3 Arthur Smith

    Poor user interface. My wife’s already done pretty much the same thing twice with our new microwave; never happened with the old one. And it’s hard to clear the smoke quickly when it’s still freezing outside.

  4. #4 Left_Wing_Fox

    That’s why I decrystalize honey for 5 seconds at a time.

    Other fun tricks, chocolate chips and marshmallows are apparently two halves of a culinary epoxy activated by 15 seconds in the microwave followed by a quick stir.

  5. #5 EricJuve

    Eli, that’s exactly my reaction. I just bought a liter of H2SO4 just to have a fireworks snake without the fire. Now I’m going upstairs to the kitchen to try this out. I love microwave ovens…….

  6. #6 EricJuve

    Read the title of the post, DON’t TRY THIS AT HOME”, Good thing microwave ovens are cheap at the second hand store.

  7. #7 Gareth

    So you build a microwave oven the size of a double garage, and start industrial production of biochar.

  8. #8 gravityloss

    I read this and was reminded of some certain internet personality who was beekeeping but couldn’t remember who it was… Be careful, lots of people know about your bees!

  9. #9 Jumper

    Is it at all permeable? If so, maybe you have invented a substitute for activated charcoal… wonder if steam treatment would open up the pores.

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