Agreeing with Pielke, Sr

Just to show how ecumenical I am, I agree with (most of) RP Sr’s post Comment On News Article On Weather Modification Titled “”Playing With Weather Stirs Debate In China”. Which basically says “stop being such a bunch of credulous bozos”.

I reviewed that “Human Impacts on Weather and Climate” for Weather, once, you know.


  1. #2 Eli Rabett

    It’s interesting to see how large China’s weather modification bureau is. Google around and the numbers are amazing.

  2. #3 Steve Bloom

    That’s because they’ve got a *serious* desertification problem. And of course, in a country with a population that size, lots of people have to be kept busy doing useless things. But the main thing is that the central government needs to be able to pretend they’ve got a plan other than abandonment.

  3. #4 CapitalClimate

    The RPs have a lot in common with the WaPo:
    Like a Stopped Clock, WaPo Finally Gets One Right

  4. #5 Deep Climate

    Coming soon: WMC on “With whom should I agree?”

  5. #6 thomas hine


    see RPjr:

    [At least in that regrettable piece RP Jr makes it clear that he is a social scientist, not a climate scienitst. If he could remember that more often, things would be better. As to the 7 – no; I’m done with RP Jr on the science front; the game is no longer interesting -W]

  6. #7 Hank Roberts

    > see RPjr

    Yeah, that’s a meta-concern meta-troll thread developing there. Amazing.

    There ought to be an academic field interested in the study of how this stuff happens and how people pile into it.

  7. #8 thomas hine

    This is so fascinating because I am both (physical scientist, biologist/social scientist, anthropologist) but to make money must lean more on the phy. science side and like to vent in these climate forums.
    This parallels so closely real issues I have with conservation biology (of which I have my own “auditing” background).
    I have met RPjr and think he understands the key realities of policy implementation as perhaps only a social scientist can, which is superior or more realistic in my view than most physical scientists.
    “there ought to be an acedemic field . . .” careful what you wish for, Hank.

    . . .and WC – the inline response from a while ago about your snark being on hair-trigger – very, very, very, very funny!

  8. #9 Eli Rabett

    Hare trigger, Tom.

    Eli’s been staying away from that one cause if he don’t John Fleck won’t respect him. In any case. . .

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