DSC_3702-e-snowy-bike So, it snowed. I got stuck in traffic after a curry and Miriam had to walk home through the mighty blizzard. The photo doesn’t really capture the full horror of a full 5″ of snow – who knows, perhaps more by tomorrow. Madingley hill was chaos and I shall certainly cycle to work tomorrow as it will be quicker. And I still haven’t dug the dahlias up. Oops.

Update: it turned out to be wonderful snow, just right for children, Daniel was out in it all day. I was at work, and it proved possible to cycle in and back. We had a brief exciting power cut which reminded us how fragile our western life is; the heating goes off too, of course. More forecast for tomorrow. Did Piers predict all this?


  1. #1 David B. Benson

    Five inches?

    You are complaining about a mere five inches?
    And you’re 3–4 degrees of latitude further north than here…

  2. #2 James Annan

    Obviously you didn’t sacrifice enough virgins.

  3. #3 Tom L-C

    Five inches – it is only four in Waterbeach. And do I understand that you normally drive to work?

    [Nope, and I didn’t that day, I only drove to the curry cos the weather looked a bit rubbish. It would have been quicker cycling back :-).

    Sorry not to see you, or John. Happy Christmas -W]

  4. #4 Steve

    You should have driven it would have been quicker. Nobody else was on the road. If only everyday was like that, only without the snow.

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