Where’s Loki?

Dr Southgate has lost his cat. Please see http://www.wheresloki.com/.

This post is most likely to be of interest to Cambridge residents. Please don’t prove me wrong :-).


  1. #1 bioephemera

    The other Cambridge, alas. :)

  2. #2 Pinotgraves

    Our cat ended up 100 km from home and was returned from the animal shelter because he was implanted with one of those readable chips that links to a database with our telephone number. Now how he got there is another story….good luck finding this shaggy good-looking creature…

  3. #3 David B. Benson

    I read of a cat from Calgary, Alberta, who went on vacation with his keepers and went out strolling somewhere near Quebec City; lost.

    The cat came back about 11 months later, little the worse for the (long) journey home.

  4. #4 P. Lewis

    Has the dog been lokiated yet?

  5. #5 David B. Benson

    Also, one summer my cat went on a walkabout and came back about 7–10 days later. A bit hungery and thirsty, but generally looking quite satisfied with itself.

    Later someone mentioned he thought he’d Squeek down by the river.

  6. #6 jyyh

    that’s one long vacation, that 11 months. we’ve had two cats on separate occasions hitching a ride in the engine compartment of a car, apparently it’s a popular place to spend cold nights.

  7. #7 Hank Roberts

    An anonymous over at the Loki page makes the wonderful suggestion that to get their cat back they made a cat-calling audio CD (can opener and dish sounds) set on repeat-play through speakers outdoors.

    I’m sure the neighbors would understand ….

  8. #8 thomas hine

    Got a part-time job at Citi? (he is a trickster)

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