Sea ice snarking

Just a quicky, since I’m here. The current sea ice extent has just become unexciting. There is hope for my money yet!


  1. #1 carrot eater

    How many bets have you? Two?

  2. #2 mt

    UAH channel 4 remains exciting, though. I still don’t know exactly what that means but it’s closing in on the record set way back in 2009.

  3. #3 Gareth

    Ron Lindsay’s (University of Washington) latest forecast (assimilating PIOMAS data to end June):

    the predicted extent is 3.96 +/- 0.34 million square kilometers

    I think you’re on thin ice, father William…

  4. #4 crandles

    2010 now has more extent (and area) than 2007.

    Yes, you are probably getting fewer posts here now it isn’t doing exiting record lowest (for time of year) things. But that is not too surprising and our bets don’t need a record for you or us to lose.

  5. #5 Don Arthurson

    Yes, the 2010 trendline has just (barely) crossed the 2007 line, but that doesn’t make the data unexciting! Ron Lindsay’s model (from my alma mater) still predicts a record low, and the CI on that estimate is narrowing! The end of July reports should put the final nails in the coffin.

  6. #6 crandles

    Someone has placed a large order (well 50) on MIN.ARCTIC.ICE:2010>2009 at 35. This would seem to imply you are favourite to win this years bets.

    [Thanks for the reminder. I must have a look (can’t from work, gambling sites are banned). Going fromthe most recent pix I’d be confident of >2007. Not sure about >2009 though -W]

  7. #7 crandles

    Now have buy orders of 50 at 35 and 50 at 45.

  8. #8 crandles

    Just wondering if you are interested in the above hedge offered on intrade. You might win both.

  9. #9 Deep Climate

    #5 Can’t see it happening myself.

    I’m thinking of paying up – 2010 looks more and more like 2006, not 2007.

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