Spot the location

Where are we? There is an interesting story to it. Note that you can trivially find the answer by clicking on the pic for its name, so don’t do that if you want to play the game.

[Update: your questions answered at Holiday in Spain: Chemin de la Mature]


* Where am I now?


  1. #1 pough

    You’re right in the middle of the photo. This is the worst “Where’s William” game, ever.

  2. #2 chris

    There is a part of a walk like that in one of the Spanish National Parks (Ordesa??) on the W side of the Pyrenees.

    is it there?

  3. #3 David B. Benson
  4. #4 James Annan

    You’re at DSC_8428. No clicking required, just a mouseover.

  5. #5 TheGoodLocust

    It looks like you’ve found yourself in some masonry in Brobdingnag.

  6. #6 Geoff

    Are you walking all of the GR10? Never worked out how they got the trees around the sharp bends..

  7. #7 Yonatan

    What’s with the rope and rucksack on the slope below the path at the right of the picture?

    [Well spotted! All will be revealed soon -W]

  8. #8 WhiteBeard

    While our host and family are off nuzzling various portions the lithosphere (?), Charles Monnett is back at Ak Region BOEMRE tomorrow:

    [Some good news for a change; though it doesn’t sound like they are happy to have their witch-hunt terminated; indeed it isn’t terminated -W]

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