O brave new world

So, we’ve transitioned to the new platform. Jolly good.

However, the last couple of posts (Facebook, and von S) didn’t make it across; I’ve fixed that up, from backup and cache.

I believe that, in theory, comments have come across (except on those two posts). If you think you can see some of yours that haven’t, please use this post to note that. Indeed, if you have any comments on the new format, do let me know.

A couple of changes. It looks like the new comment system might be more sane. From my point of view nice changes are:

* I can now close comments on old posts, and have (argh, that hasn’t taken effect. I can guess why).
* I’ve set the auto-approve setting to “those who have already had a comment approved”.
* The server seems to be faster – updating posts and comments is quicker.

Irritatingly, at the moment wp isn’t emailing me when comments show up needing moderation. I need to fix that. I think it was just slow to wind up. Now its working.

Other stuff: I turned off the Gravatars. I could turn them back on, if anyone cares. Vote in the comments.

There doesn’t seem to be a convenient way for you to permalink to your comments. They do have permalinks, its just hard for you to know what they are.


  1. #1 Russell

    Let us exhort the Stoat to morph into The Hound of the Barkervilles, Times New Romans or Anythingbutarials, long enough to tweak the design pane out of its default font.

  2. #2 Quiet Waters


  3. #3 William M. Connolley

    Just an experiment. If I comment as me, what does it look like?

  4. #4 David B. Benson
    eastern Washington state

    This format is better.

  5. #5 P. Lewis

    It does “look” nicer, but there’s no preview and you can’t link to individual posts in (or between) threads (at the mo?). And that’s a drawback not outweighed by things looking nicer, IMVHO.

  6. #6 William M. Connolley

    PL: I was going to answer you inline, but weirdly I get “there is no comment with that ID” if I try. So, oddities. I’ve asked the backroom folk about permalinks to comments. Its an obvious need, so I’m cautiously optimistic it will get fixed. There is probably a lot of scurrying around to fix problems going on now.

  7. #7 John Mashey

    Ugh, a major regression, I am afraid, at least from user view.
    1) No comment numbers, so no simple back-reference.
    2) No convenient permalinks.
    3) No count of comments, so one cannot simply look to see if there has been activity.

  8. #8 P. Lewis

    And thinking on this change a bit more, I realise (after a visit to Deltoid) that Greasemonkey killfile no longer works!

    That loss is worse than all the other bugbears combined.

  9. #9 Adam

    “3) No count of comments, so one cannot simply look to see if there has been activity.”

    It’s there at the top of the post, and the top of the comments – see the speech bubble with the number in brackets. It’s not overly obvious.

  10. #10 Adam

    Just realised JM you probably meant on the home page, and I agree, it is missing from there, and that would be better.

  11. #11 John Mashey

    Adam: yes. I used to be able to stop by, make a quick check of the first few articles on hone page and see if anything new has happened ( without getting deluged by emails), but now that diesn’t work.

  12. #12 Paul Kelly

    Ditto John Mashey. The new look is very sterile, with no hint of the occasional whimsy that makes stoat so readable.

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