Tol goes emeritus


  1. #1 And Then There's Physics

    I probably shouldn’t have said more myself :-)

    At least Richard seems to have acknowledged that the scientific literature does indeed indicate that a vast majority of publications indicate that humans are the dominant driver of warming over the last half century. So, his issue appears to only be with the method and his suggestion is that Cook et al. have failed to prove a consensus despite getting a result that is likely consistent with the strength of the consensus. Need I say more? :-)

  2. #2 MikeH

    “OTOH, he isn’t a bozo.”

    No he is not, but he does do a good impression when the mood takes him.

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  4. #4 Steve Bloom

    “Gremlins.” Srsly.

  5. #5 NikFromNYC

    Snicker away, notorious fella, as we dismantle your cult. Here is what you are defending, the indefensible:

    Pure artifacts as cause for alarm! You are one of the world’s biggest bozos since your not even making a fortune off this crap. No, no, you’re an activist hack, caught red handed destroying the integrity of Wikipedia, and helping to promote junk science to terrify school kids. The cult you are in is evil.

  6. #6 Hank Roberts

    Tol? I’d rather read Stross, who seems to be thinking about the same issues with more hope:
    The prospects of the Space and Freedom Party reconsidered in light of the crisis of 21st century capitalism

    [Stross is enthusiatic, but I’m not sure he knows what he’s talking about. Example: “What if we offer them tax breaks for investing in some really long-term project…” But Stross ought to know there’s a giant pile of money sitting off-shore from America, merely because of corporation tax. If you want that brought home and invested, then you need to cut the corporation tax on it (of course, all that giant pile of money *is* invested, just not in America). As to colonising Venus, I’m baffled why anyone would want to live 50 km up: why come down from space at all? -W]

  7. #7 Morbo

    NikFromNY, what’s your PhD in again? Are they still handing out PhDs in Nonsense?

  8. #8 afeman

    “OTOH, he isn’t a bozo.”

    There’s a cheap shot left hanging there.

  9. #9 Susan Anderson

    Hoto, a not-ozob!

    As for the point, the attractive force for the likes of Nik?

  10. #10 John Mashey

    In my in-progress analysis of the commentary accumulated in the SalbyStorm, NikFromNYC was one of the legions exhibiting pseudoskeptic behavior in instantly accepting Murry Salby’s tale, and I thank all of them for offering the data.

    But NIkFromNYC must be thanked especially for this comment at WUWT, one of my favorites among the whole 2000:

    ‘ NikFromNYC says:
    July 9, 2013 at 2:21 am
    He is Rosa Parks. He is Timothy Leary. He is Murry Salby.’

    [But not Einstein? Or Galileo? -W]

  11. #11 Fergus Brown

    he sits at the back of the bus, stoned, talking gibberish…

  12. #12 John Mashey

    Fergus: thanks. In context of other remarks @ WUWT, I don;t think that was the intended meaning, but your interpretation is certainly a combination I hadn’t considered.

    This seemed to be an attempt to generate an innovative comment along lines of “hero Salby” (very popular), Galileo (very popular), martyrdom, attacks by thugs, Marxists, Soviet Australia, etc …but were already being used in the WUWT comments preceding this one.

    Anyway, unlike many repetitive chantings of the same memes, this was at least imaginative.

  13. #13 Kevin O'Neill

    John, the phrase by NicFrom NYC that jumped out at me was: “You are one of the world’s biggest bozos since your [sic] not even making a fortune off this crap. Over and over again I see this linkage between money (anti-tax, anti-government, etc.) and pseudoskepticism. Yet at the same time he reveals himself as a follower of Mammon, NicFromNYC can say (with an apparently straight face): “The cult you are in is evil.

  14. #14 John Mashey

    WMC: Well, NikFromNYC didn’t mention them, but among the various comments (WUWT, NOVA, BISHOPHILL, etc) were:

    Einstein of climate science 2
    fine science hero or hero 2
    foremost climate scientist
    ground breaking 3
    landmark work
    maverick like Nobel winner 19
    one of the world’s most brilliant climate scientists
    outstanding scientist
    profoundly original thinker

    and as martyr:
    Copernicus 4
    Galileo 17
    Giordano Bruno
    heresy 8
    inquisition 3
    knife or knive 6
    pilloried 2
    Siberia 6
    threatens the religion

    To pick a few. Parks & Leary were unique, though.

  15. #15 The Very Reverend Jebediah Hypotenuse

    Pure artifacts as cause for alarm!

    Meanwhile, back in the real world:

  16. #16 John Mashey

    cult in SlabyStorm: as applied to mainstream:

    dogmatic cult psyientists
    Jim Jones cult 2
    climate cult 2
    cult of climatology
    cult science of climatology climate church
    dogmatic cult

  17. #17 Steve Bloom

    “If you want that brought home and invested, then you need to cut the corporation tax on it”

    That’s a little too quick. Other options exist, perhaps. One might start by examining the legal framework under which that money piled up offshore.

    [Hardly quick. The money has been piling up for years -W]

  18. #19 AnOilMan
    Land Of Tar and Sand

    Don’t feed the Tols…

  19. #20 Douglas Bostrom
    United States

    Kevin: Over and over again I see this linkage between money (anti-tax, anti-government, etc.) and pseudoskepticism.
    As evidenced by the WattMeter.

    Watt’s trending today?

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  21. #22 PeteB

    This is rather damning This is rather damning

    [I’ve fixed your link, I believe. That link is (now) under the “refs” -W]

  22. #23 Hank Roberts

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