Data or Dogma?

12304061_1008233682574898_1068379222715073982_o Data or Dogma? (full title “Data or Dogma? Promoting Open Inquiry in the Debate over the Magnitude of Human Impact on Earth’s Climate”) is the hearings promoted by U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), chairman of the Subcommittee on Space, Science, and Competitiveness.

Happily, this is one of those questions we can answer easily: when you’ve got so few scientists you’re willing to listen to that you’re obliged to invite Mark Steyn to speak, then you’re the one pushing Dogma.

There, that was easy, anything else? See Eli for a bit more; or MediaMatters.


* Commentary: After the Paris pact, thoughts on the Ted Cruz climate change hearing by David W. Titley.


  1. #1 Hank Roberts
    out past Cassandra somewhere

    How about the “Association of British Science Writers” and this, which may be their blog? (or maybe the editor is just showing that group’s logo to say he’s paying dues as a member, can’t really tell)

    It, er, has a certain tilt to it, I think you’d find
    Dan H. likes it, if that helps any.

  2. #2 Russell Seitz

    The admiral taught Sen. Cruz one of life’s great lessons on the Hill this afternoon:

    Always bring a knife to a dogma fight

  3. #3 David B. Benson

    The admiral?

  4. #4 Russell Seitz

    Admiral Titley’s last real job before he took up deconstructing denial was Oceanographer of the Navy

  5. #5 Julian Frost
    Gauteng East Rand

    Your Scibling Greg Laden also posted about this.

  6. […] I turned on just as Mark Steyn was pontificating about the scientific method and how great scientists of the past would be appalled by what’s going on today. Steyn is quite a commanding speaker, but utterly clueless about science and the scientific method. Judith Curry spoke a bit about being tossed out of the tribe. I didn’t hear John Christy say anything. William Happer, unsurprisingly, promoted CO2 and suggested that hospitals now measure temperature the same way as satellites. This would only be true if hospitals were interested in the temperature of the air around you, at different distances from your skin. David Titley did very well, in trying circumstances, and I thought some of the Democrat senators were pretty well informed. Eli was live blogging, while Stoat points out that […]

  7. #7 ...and Then There's Physics

    I highlighted this on Bishop Hill.
    when you’ve got so few scientists you’re willing to listen to that you’re obliged to invite Mark Steyn to speak, then you’re the one pushing Dogma.
    They seem to disagree. Strange that.

  8. #8 Howard

    Okay, I admit all you warmistas were spot on about Curry for the last half-dozen years. Ted Cruz is the illegitimate rainbow love-child of LBJ and Joseph McCarthy. Forget about Steyn, anyone who would accept an invite from Cruz is completely unhinged.

  9. #9 Rob Honeycutt

    Another fascinating part of the hearing was when Steyn started lecturing Admiral Titley on military strategy. Ha!

  10. #10 Rob Honeycutt

    The dems did a great job of keeping most of the focus on Titley answering questions. Titley was a great choice for the hearing when they only had one seat at the table.

  11. #11 Raymond Arritt
    down behind the knoll

    The inside-the-Beltway scoop is that Cruz is truly a nasty piece of work (even by the standards of politicians) and his fellow Republicans despise him. See e.g. here. Eli alludes to this in his account of the festivities.

    In a just and verdant world this would create a sympathy backlash for the pro-science side but I’m not holding my breath.

  12. #12 Everett F Sargent
    In TLT orbit making direct temperature measurements with olde tyme thermometers

    Raymond Arritt,

    Thanks for that link about the R’s dislike for Cruz. When Cruz can only get one other R to show up for his heretic hearing, you know something is up (even accounting for his POTUS run)..

    Christy = Holly Roller
    Happer = Senility
    Steyn = Unabomber
    Curry = Doubt Monster
    Titley = Truth

  13. #13 Hank Roberts
    hmmmmm ....

    Ars on this

    Excerpt follows:
    After Senator Cruz pushed Titley to answer a question about the satellite records, which he claimed “the global warming alarmists don’t want to talk about,” Titley let loose. “Let’s talk about the satellite measurements,” Titley said. “Let’s talk about orbital decay. Let’s talk about overlapping satellite records. Let’s talk about stratospheric temperature contamination. I think Dr. Christy and Dr. [Roy] Spencer, when they’ve put this out, they have been wrong, I think, at least four consecutive times. Each time the data record has had to be adjusted upward. There have been several sign errors. So, with all due respect, sir, I don’t know which data, exactly, your staff has, whether it’s the first or second or third or fourth correction to Dr. Christy’s data. We used to have a negative trend, and then we had no trend, and now we begrudgingly have an upward trend.”

    To be fair, Senator Cruz was pointing to a competing data set run by Remote Sensing Systems in California that, until recently, showed an even smaller 18-year warming trend than the University of Alabama in Huntsville data set. And the latest version of that UAH data set, which is in beta, reduces that trend once again.

    In a curious moment, William Happer chimed in to state that these satellites measure temperatures “the same way as hospitals do today,” with devices that measure infrared radiation. In fact, these satellites measure microwave radiation, and doctors aren’t trying to simultaneously determine temperatures of various layers inside you when they pop a thermometer in your ear.

    Senator Cruz also accused scientists of deliberately manipulating land surface temperature data to create the appearance of warming over the 20th Century. (Quality-control adjustments to sea surface temperature data, which obviously involve a much larger portion of the globe, actually make the overall effect a decrease in global 20th Century warming.) When asked about this, Judith Curry didn’t quite support Senator Cruz’s accusation but did comment, “To me, the error bars should really be much bigger if they’re making such a large adjustment, so we really don’t know too much about what’s going on.”

  14. #14 Hank Roberts
    out toward some edge or other
  15. […] at WUWT (I know, I know, but it was a grey Sunday afternoon) explaining why the nutters lost the dogma hearing. I’m a bit surprised that he’s prepared to admit they lost, but I was more amused by […]

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