Stranger Fruit

Educators will tell you that a good foundation at the K-2 level leads to success later on. My daughter has just finished first grade and over the past year alone has made significant strides in her reading, writing and math ability, all due to the dedication of her teachers. While we live in a relatively well-off school district, it is noticeable that, even here, teachers often need help in purchasing materials. In particular, teaching kids science requires supplies, and these cost money. And that’s where you, my reader, comes in. A bunch of us at ScienceBlogs have set up Bloggers Challenges which will let you contribute to worthy school projects in need of financial assistance and at the same time perhaps win some prizes.

I’ve set a goal of $1400 for Stranger Fruit across three K-2 science projects. That means if 140 of my loyal readers give a mere $10 we will meet our challenge, but of course, you can give more. So if you come here daily to point and laugh at the funny Irishman, please give something … it will make a difference.

How It Works

Go here. Pick a project (or the challenge as a whole) and donate. It’s that easy! When Donors Choose sends you a confirmation email, forward it to: This is your contest entry. We’re going to have a prize drawing across all participating ScienceBlogs for the following prizes:

The contest will run from June 15 to July 1. Email your entries by July 1! Prize notification will start by July 5.