Stranger Fruit

I spent this morning at a workshop for K-12 biology teachers. The workshop was organized by the School of Life Sciences here at ASU and gave some 20 students to interact with faculty regarding teaching evolution. My presentation was titled “Teaching Evolution One Icon At A Time” and aimed to educate the teachers regarding the Discovery Institute’s “teach the strengths and weaknesses of evolution” approach post-Kitzmiller. Slides are below:


  1. #1 MartinC
    May 11, 2009

    Some of those quotes reminds me of something Jonathan Wells said a couple of years back.
    “When we look at the evidence for darwinian evolution, its pathetic.
    Its not overwhelming, its underwhelming. And as soon as people learn
    that they will realise that darwinism is not good science, what it is
    is the best natural explanation for what we see, but that doesnt make
    it the real explanation for what we see. Its artificially constrained
    by this materialistic philosophy that inspired this radical
    redefinition of science in 2001. Without that radical redefinition of
    science, if people are encouraged to follow the evidence, darwinism
    will fall.”

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