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No Mickey Mouse operation, part two

i-87bb73b5b51251e46245fedb76f7a636-scripps.gifMy ScienceBlogs.com colleague, Alex Palazzo at The Daily Transcript, has just posted on the announcement of a 3rd major San Diego/La Jolla research institute with plans to establish a presence in Florida.

Current issues of Roman numeral mixups notwithstanding, Florida has been very quietly rising on the national biomedical research scene, especially in the years since your humble Pharmboy stomped terra in Hogtown.

I discussed this issue about two weeks ago here at Terra Sigillata.

Therein, you’ll find lots of good links to Florida research universities big and small and some editorial comments on how I hope the influx of younger, more educated, and environmentally-conscious folks can help add to the state’s surprisingly large population of those like-minded.