Terra Sigillata

Hearty congratulations go out to fellow ScienceBloggers Orac (Respectful Insolence) and PZ Myers (Pharyngula, like I needed to tell you) for their respective wins in the categories of Best Medical/Health Issues Blog and Best Science Blog, respectively, of The 2006 Weblog Awards. Also nominated in the science category, and all with a nice showing, were Mixing Memory, Deltoid, and Good Math, Bad Math and The Cheerful Oncologist in the med/health category.

Since we would fall in the category that Orac led, I wanted to draw the attention of Terra Sig readers to an excellent recent example of the good doctor’s writing about difficult biomedical issues: Separating doctoring from doctrine. Therein, Orac provides a superb analysis of the growing consideration of religiosity of both doctor and patient in health care today. The comment thread further illustrates the very interesting conundrum Orac has raised now that all other aspects of medical practice are undergoing the evidence-based microscope.

Humble acceptance posts are finally up from PZ Myers and Orac.

Also, hearty kudos to our local hero, Pam Spaulding, whose Pam’s House Blend won for Best LGBT Blog for the second year in a row.

Congratulations to all those nominated!