Nomination for Stupidest Man Alive

Brad Delong has some excellent nominees, but Casey Luskin takes the cake.

Casey culminates a three part critique of an article about evolution in a popular magazine by asking:

Was the Ford Pinto, with all its imperfections revealed in crash tests, not designed?

Apparently, the vertebrate eye is backwards because God decided it was cheaper to settle the lawsuits than make the cheap fix earlier implemented for the cephalopods.


  1. #1 Liz
    November 21, 2006

    Young Casey is merely recycling Behe’s argument that “intelligent design” need not be “perfect design.” In other words, the IDer (aka “God”) might have been a bumbler.

    That doesn’t really cohere with most people’s notions of “God,” but hey, whatever works for Behe. And keeps criticism of ID at bay.

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