Senator Brownback decided to back down on his wacky crusade against a judge who attended a lesbian commitment ceremony. Whether this will help him or hurt him in Iowa and especially South Carolina is unclear.

I continue to find it deeply disturbing to find Sam Brownback being treated as an increasingly serious candidate for president. I guess that just shows how remarkably shallow the GOP bench actually is.

The bloom is even off the rose that was St. McCain:

Earlier this year a close friend of John McCain gave me [Richard Cohen] fair warning: McCain was about to become much more conservative, and I would not like what was coming. He was right. I did not like McCain’s speech at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, and I think his support of intelligent design is — sorry, John — just plain brainless.

I hope to start a meme about McCain by repeating that “Like all great indie acts, his early work was better.” McCain-Feingold was well-intentioned and at least it brought us ads with the funny tagline: “I’m so-and-so and I approved this message.” What has he done for anyone since?


  1. #1 emawkc
    December 19, 2006

    I just wonder how many people will attent Brownback’s commitment ceremony.

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