GOP strategy: stop the vote

Despite Tony’s endorsement, I’m not loving Stay Red Kansas. Tony thinks it’s written by insiders, but I see a lot of juvenile errors, and I almost suspect that it’s a new venture by the gang from Fire Kansas Democrats. The mistakes they make are basic, like claiming that the RNC would kick in funds for a Senate race, when the National Republican Senate Campaign would do that.

One thing that isn’t juvenile is their distaste for voting:

In fact, the voting process is so ridiculously unregulated in our humble state of Kansas, that so long as a name, address and birth date are memorized, you can waltz right in and pull a lever however you may choose. Sad, but oh so true.

Why is this sad? It isn’t clear. In the one election close enough that vote fraud might have interfered with the result, there was a long court case which ultimately concluded, in SRK’s words “There were two instances of illegal votes that were ultimately dismissed by a Johnson County Judge for their lack of validity.” That’s it.

Vote suppression is a standard part of the GOP platform. Requiring voters to show ID at the polling place and making it harder to register to vote are sadly reminiscent of the poll tax and Jim Crow laws which disenfranchised racial minorities and poor voters in general, in the old South.

SRK writes:

Sadly, there are a plethora of media personalities that have entered into personal crusades designed to give anyone and everyone an opportunity to cast a ballot

Horrors! When will we learn from our Republican masters that the vote is only for people who look like SRK?

In any event, don’t forget to vote today. It’ll piss off a Republican.


  1. #1 KUblue
    February 27, 2007

    None of their outlandish calims are ever supported with evidence, they often repeat rumor as fact, and GOD!, the typos!

    We hear it’s Scott Paradise (of FDK) newest venture.

  2. #2 emawkc
    February 27, 2007

    KUblue complaining about typos = funny.

  3. #3 Kansas Conservative
    February 27, 2007

    Josh, how juveline in your retort.

    The R.N.C. is responsible for many, many things.

    First, the R.N.C. is given the responsibility of investing in state parties as they see fit. This includes independent expenditures on behalf of individual candidates, advertising purchased on behalf of the state’s party, and yes, reconstructing said state parties. They can do all of that, and they do so quite frequently.

    Secondly, as you saw in the 2008 elections, the R.N.C. will enter targeted Senate and House races as they see fit. For example, the R.N.C. dumped over ten millions dollars into races in Missouri, Ohio, Rhode Island and Tennessee. The money was spent entirely on the United States Senate races during the campaign’s final months.

  4. #4 Josh
    February 27, 2007

    Indeed, but in a Presidential year, I would expect the NRSC to handle most of that sort of work, especially in a relatively safe state like Kansas.

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