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When PZ Myers goes on strike, Seed media listens.

PZ has posted a demand for some changes from the Seed management.

All are reasonable and helpful and will make ScienceBlogs a better place. It seems Seed management agrees and soon the changes will be implemented.

If you want a history of Science blogs and details on the dust-up, read Bora’s fantastic post.

So dont give up bloggers who have remained- lets keep this place alive, make it better and hopefully some of our colleagues will return.


  1. #1 Crudely Wrott
    July 21, 2010

    As is usually the case, courage, cooperation and emotion-neutral decision making will be seen, in hindsight, to have carried the day. This applies to a wide range of actual outcomes.

    Science blogging will find a way to survive and thrive, I am sure.

    I am not expressing faith, here. Rather, observation and experience. Reality has a way of edging aside the competition even if only an inch at a time. It’s the cumulative affect which is also the common thread of science historically.

  2. #2 razib
    July 21, 2010

    given the numbers of faint hearted bloggers who took to their heels at the first whiff of trouble those that stood their ground deserve to be noted.

    art, you’ve been saying this on a variety of weblogs. so i’ll reiterate: THIS IS NOT THE FIRST HINT OF TROUBLE. not by a long shot. you do notice a pattern where bloggers who have been around longer are leaving, right?

    but hey, perhaps you’re god, and you know everything.

    (i agree with pam’s sentiment for what it’s worth. the domain/network is worth salvaging, and those who are new and haven’t established themselves deserve a shot at getting some time in the sun, so speak)

  3. #3 ranggaw0636
    July 21, 2010

    i hope when thing start calming down, some of the blogger who leave would return here

  4. #4 MikeMa
    July 21, 2010

    I do hope SB stays strong, vibrant and honest. I don’t think leaving should result in raspberries though. According to many of the bloggers here who’ve written about Bora, they genuinely like him, respect him and his work, and will miss him deeply. None so far as I’ve read have criticized his motives. It would appear that the current conflict is one of many and the majority of those leaving see no improvement in the bad trend.

    PZ, with his strike, is working to get Seed to recognize the problems and work on communication – always a good management technique. I do hope he succeeds but maybe the best that can be gained is blogger input on changes before they are instituted. That would seemingly be a lot.

  5. #5 Art
    July 21, 2010

    When a community is at risk some will run and some will get get their hands dirty improving the situation. It isn’t over, a final settlement, and follow through, hasn’t been seen, but still … given the numbers of faint hearted bloggers who took to their heels at the first whiff of trouble those that stood their ground deserve to be noted.

    A round of drinks for those who stood strong. A raspberry for those who didn’t.

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