Transcription and Translation

Jesus Gel

Yesterday someone on our floor announced “I see Jesus!”


Then we saw his image on the left side of a silver-stained polyacrylamide gel:


Upon closer inspection it looked like his face was partially obscured by some proteins.


We could kinda make out a nose, a mouth and a beard. But where are his eyes? Curse that IgG! And … Jesus is brown! (I never knew.) To help those, who like “seeing Thomas” need some extra help, we then photoshoped … I mean enhanced the picture:


So is this a blessed pulldown? Or is this a vengeful Jesus trying to warn us latte drinking, public transportation taking, evolution believing, Cell Biologists at Harvard Medical School that the end days are near?


  1. #1 J-Dog
    October 4, 2006

    Well, to me, it says Jesus looks like a sh*t stain in a public bathroom, but maybe that’s just me!

  2. #2 Khalil A.
    October 4, 2006

    Umm… I thought Jesus WAS brown!!

  3. #3 Bartholomew Cubbins
    October 4, 2006

    Step 1: pour gel
    Step 2: run the sucker hot
    Step 3: ebay
    Step 4: profit

    good show

  4. #4 Ahmet Zehir
    October 5, 2006

    This was a really scary post:) if you guys really saw Jesus in that, i am really scared for the rest of my scientific life…

  5. #5 Inoculated Mind
    October 5, 2006

    That’s an eskimo!

    Maybe it’s the Inuit version of the Virgin of Guadalupe?

  6. #6 Inoculated Mind
    October 5, 2006

    The words of William Dembski to haunt you:

    “…any view of the sciences that leaves Christ out of the picture must be seen as fundamentally deficient.”

    Quick, Sequence the gel, and we could figure out who the father was.

  7. #7 BK
    October 6, 2006

    Do people ever see the face of Mohammed in pizzas and gels and stuff?

    Just wonderin’.

  8. #8 apalazzo
    October 6, 2006

    Do people ever see the face of Mohammed in pizzas and gels and stuff?

    Nope, just in Dannish cartoons.

  9. #9 truly amazed
    June 10, 2007

    This is truly funny;i’m sorry to say that.But excuse me, are trying to say that Jesus with his foreknowledge would have allowed this kind of confusions to happen. Remember GOD is not a GOD of confusion but of Order.

  10. #10 Maryanne and Skylar
    June 17, 2007

    you guys dont know what Jesus Christ looks like no one does!!!!!!!!!!! Were u alive 2000 or more years ago??????????? did not think so!!!!!!!!!!!! you need to stop

  11. #11 Matthew Stuhlsatz
    September 8, 2007

    It does not matter if it is or is not an authentic image of Jesus Christ. What matters is that some may believe and some may not…… some may change their lives for the better based on their belief of this image – and some may not. People need to calm down and take a step back…. why get so upset over the believers????? They are probably living a better life than you are just based on their belief!!! Think about it and tell yourself …as “THE ROCK” so well put it ” IT DOESNT MATTER “. Let those who believe, believe…. let those who dont…., dont.

  12. #12 kiki
    March 2, 2008

    I think jesus only apears in every one of our hearts.. not in ilusions…..I see him everyday of my life… try looking at him for yourself!!

  13. #13 Reason, anyone?
    March 13, 2008

    Sorry lads, but I don’t see anything (beyond that I may be missing a joke). Did it occur to anyone that it may be just a blob? There’s nothing there.

  14. #14 markus
    March 18, 2008

    Check this out

  15. #15 caelan
    March 18, 2008

    Check this out

  16. #16 ThomasWilliams
    May 31, 2008

    how the hell can you say this is jesus when you dont know what jesus looks like !

    plus if this was jesus… well we’re dead basically as when jesus returns to this stupid earth its know as the end of the earth !!

  17. #17 sharyl
    August 5, 2008

    its okay Christians… unlike those other false gods that these scientists fail to bash, our God, Jesus does not need to be defended. he could do it on his own, let them say and SEE what they want to. Jesus said that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is lord… and by the way u latte drinking, public transportation taking, evolution believing, Cell Biologists at Harvard Medical School, Darwin does not make sense. if the fishes came onto the land and developed into another creature and so forth why isn’t it still happening? how come fishes cannot breathe out of water anymore? and if we came from monkeys why aren’t we developing into anything else?

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