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Boston RNA Data Club

We finally got this off the ground, email me if you are interested.

Dear Colleagues,

In an attempt to foster discussion within the local RNA community we are initiating a monthly informal data seminar, the Boston RNA data club. These meetings will consist of two 30min talks given by postdoctoral fellows or grad students. We are currently soliciting private sponsors and hope to provide food and beverages for each of these meetings. If you are interested please respond to this email so that we can gage how many labs and individuals are willing to participate. The list of the labs we are contacting is at the end of this e-mail. If you know of other labs that would be interested to take part, feel free to forward this email. We are tentatively scheduling the first meeting for Thursday April 26th 6:00PM in the Cannon Room (1st floor of building C, Harvard Medical School). If that does not work, the first meeting will take place at the end of May. We are also calling for volunteers for the first set of presentations.

Thank you and hope to see you soon,

Danesh Moazed
Alex Palazzo
Neil Kubica

List of Boston area “RNA” labs:

Tom Rapoport (HMS)
John Blenis (HMS)
Frank Mckeon (HMS)
Steve Buratowski (HMS)
Danesh Moazed (HMS)
Carl Novina (HMS)
Robin Reed (HMS)
John Flanagan (HMS)
Mitzi Kuroda (HMS)
Richard Gregory (HMS)
Judy Lieberman (HMS, CBR)
Klaus Rajewsky (HMS, CBR)
Bob Kingston (MGH)
Jack Szostak (MGH)
Gary Ruvkun (MGH)
Paul Anderson (BWH)
Victor Ambros (Dartmouth)
Alex Schier (FAS, MCB)
Craig Hunter (FAS, MCB)
David Bartel (MIT)
Phil Sharp (MIT)
Craig Mello (UMASS)
Bill Theurkauf (UMASS)
Tariq Rana (UMASS)
Phil Zamore (UMASS)
Melissa Moore (Brandeis)
Allan Jacobson (UMASS)
Joel Richter (UMASS)
Michael Rosbash (Brandeis).

Danesh Moazed
Department of Cell Biology
Harvard Medical School
LHRRB Room 517
240 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115



  1. #1 Jennifer Li
    April 16, 2007

    Do you accept occasional scientific visitors from the non-Boston area (say post-docs from New Haven)?

  2. #2 apalazzo
    April 16, 2007

    Jen, you’ll be welcomed anytime.

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