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Open Lab 2008!

So, Open Lab 2008 is now available, and you must buy a copy. Open Lab collects the best writing from the blogosphere and (ironically) captures them in print. It’s a nice chance to read some great stuff that you knew you’d love, and some great stuff you’ve never even seen. The cover art by Dave Ng and The Flying Trilobite is awesome. The proceeds go toward ScienceOnline10, next year’s online science writing conference, which totally rocks. Lot’s of the attendees are graduate students, academics, high school students, and other types of hungry people who could really use a subsidy to come down and share their work.

Go and buy it!


  1. #1 Glendon Mellow
    March 5, 2009

    Thanks for the cover shout-out, PalMD! Can’t wait to get my copy too.