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Donors Choose: a new project

The last project I was trying to fund—a netbook for a classroom–is finished. The netbook is on the way.

This one is really cool. It’s from an inner city chemistry teacher. As the husband of a teacher (and briefly a teacher myself) I can only imagine the struggles of this teacher and her kids—most are poor, class sizes are outrageous, and there’s no money for anything. The teacher wants some chemistry kits. That’s it. Remember your first chemistry kit, playing with the phenolphalein? The tart smell of the weak acids? The colors? These kits are probably a bit more sophisticated, and may be the last chance to help them explore science. They need $305 more, and one of you already kicked in some cash. Think we can do it by the time I leave the hospital?


  1. #2 PalMD
    October 14, 2009

    It turns out that this project has a Gates Foundation matching grant…you’re money goes twice as far!

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