Casual Fridays: Political attitudes and legal knowledge

This week's Casual Fridays study plays off a post written by Mike Dunford. The question is, how are political attitudes affected by legal knowledge? Do you let the law get in the way of a political position, or do political goals trump legal ones? In fact, you might what to read Mike's post before you participate. It's an excellent post, and it really highlights the kind of issues I'm talking about.

Mike Dunford's Post

The link brings up the article in a new tab or window (because we want you to come back and take the survey!).

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The study is brief, with just 10 quick questions, and should take just a minute or two of your time. You have until 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday, April 11 to participate -- or until we have 333 responses, whichever comes first. Don't forget to come back next Friday for our analysis of the results!

Update: Survey's full; I've opened up the comments. Look for the results tomorrow.

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