Science 2.0: What every scientist needs to know about how the web is changing the way they work

This is a great looking afternoon here in Toronto on Wednesday July 29th, organized by Greg Wilson and taking place at the MaRS Centre: Science 2.0: What every scientist needs to know about how the web is changing the way they work.

The event is free, but registration is required. Here's an outline of the presentations:

  • Titus Brown: Choosing Infrastructure and Testing Tools for Scientific Software Projects
  • Cameron Neylon: A Web Native Research Record: Applying the Best of the Web to the Lab Notebook
  • Michael Nielsen: Doing Science in the Open: How Online Tools are Changing Scientific Discovery
  • David Rich: Using "Desktop" Languages for Big Problems
  • Victoria Stodden: How Computational Science is Changing the Scientific Method
  • Jon Udell: Collaborative Curation of Public Events

There are more details on the talks at the event site.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to be there as it's during my annual "summer blogging break" which starts next Friday, ie. my summer vacation.

(via Michael Nielsen.)


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