Friday Fun: 'Youngest' expedition to South Pole abandoned after 3rd day without Twitter

Kids today! They just can't suffer deprivation like we could back in my day!

Take a look: 'Youngest' expedition to South Pole abandoned after 3rd day without Twitter.

Plucky 20 year-old Belinda Baron had to abandon her attempt to be recognised as the youngest person to reach the South Pole on skis, after becoming cut off from all social networks for nearly 72 hours. Baron described the experience as 'chilling', claiming she hadn't experienced such feelings of isolation since switching her phone off on the flight out.

Baron had spent months planning her expedition, and took advice from Ranulph Fiennes. 'Ranulph is a lovely man, and has a lot of experience at failing to get to the Poles' said Baron, 'he was very generous with his time. We spent over a month together training, by the end of it I almost felt like I knew him, despite him not having a Facebook account.'


Mobile data signals are notoriously weak in the South Pole, but that didn't stop Baron from fiddling with her phone almost constantly. 'I was very keen to tweet my progress, but I never saw more than one bar, all the time I was there' she confided. 'Fortunately, that didn't stop me from playing Angry Birds.'


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