Friday Fun: Lord of the Tweets

Sure, John Scalzi doesn't need any link love from me.

On the other hand, sometimes he just hits one right out of the park.

Apparently the other day he stumbled upon a Lord of the Rings trilogy showing on TV. And he had a web-enabled machine of some sort handy. And he had Twitter open.

Hilarity ensued. Of the highest order. Lord of the Tweets it is!

Here's a samplling, but please do drop by Scalzi's blog and check out his complete rundown of tweets.

OSHA clearly has no jurisdiction in Moria.

I am suddenly aware of just how little difference there is between Orlando Bloom's Legolas and certain sparkly vampires one could name.

Orcs vs. Stormtroopers. GO. On second thought, never mind. Neither side aims well enough for it to be interesting.

Fun fact: Shadowfax, the horse Gandalf rides, had a younger, hipper sibling named "Darktweet."

The men of Helm's Deep are saved! The League of Bowie Impersonators has arrived!

Mordor's going about it all wrong, incidentally. Harness all that geothermal energy, sell it to the humans, LIVE LIKE KINGS.

You'd think they could password protect a palantir.

Once again: Gandalf -- not a people person. #WhatDenathorNeededWasAHug

If Gandalf would only use his Magneto powers, this whole battle would be over in, like, a minute and a half.

Hope the people of Minas Tirith like Oliphant barbeque.

Anyways, you get the idea.

(Er, and, hello? Storify!)

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