Friday Fun: Furious Facebook investors pacified by amusing picture of kitten

It's unseemly to revel in the misfortunes of others. Words to live by, ones I usually take very seriously. Of course, all bets are off for my Friday Fun posts, so let's revel a bit in the misfortunes of Facebook and the man seated at the throne in King's Landing.

As its share value continued to plummet towards zero in its first week of trading, social media giant Facebook has seen off a major revolt by thousands of furious shareholders by issuing a series of heartwarming and whimsical posts featuring kittens and other adorable internet memes.


A number of disgruntled investors used their new online statuses to group together and launch a class action suit against the firm. They claimed that vital information was witheld from them, in particular the fact that Facebook was almost entirely composed of banal and self-absorbed posts by uninteresting people who might be valuable to advertisers but, by God, are unbelievably tedious.

However the, investors were headed off by a slew of light-hearted posts from the company’s newly-formed Investor Friendship Team. The posting began at 13.00 EST with a series of lolcat photos, including ‘I iz sitting on ur sharez in da kitty litta’ and ‘OOPS – can I haz ordinree savingz account next tyme?’

I also appreciate that greedy investors aren't spared. Says he, rushing to check the stocks actually held by the funds in his retirement account...


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