The ACLU and the Fake "War on Christmas"

Kevin McCullough, a Rush Limbaugh clone radio talk show host and - naturally - columnist for the Worldnutdaily, has a ridiculous column up about the ACLU's "War on Christmas". He actually accuses the ACLU of filing suits against private businesses to prevent them from celebrating Christmas:

Rather it is the public assault against Christmas as is initiated each year by the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU has taken it upon themselves - as a badge of honor, if you will - to attempt to systematically expunge the terms, definitions, and in many cases the symbols of the holiday from municipalities to school districts, and from clothing stores to home improvement centers. Through threats, intimidation and - in increasing numbers of actual cases of litigation - the anti-God organization leads the charge.

An increasing number of actual cases of litigation? Uh, right. Would you care to take a guess how many lawsuits the ACLU filed last year concerning Christmas displays, nativity scenes, or anything even remotely related to his complaint? The answer is zero. None. Zilch. Would you care to guess how many lawsuits the ACLU has filed this year concerning Christmas? You guessed it- none. De nada. A goose egg. Not a single one. Would you care to guess the total number of such lawsuits the ACLU has ever filed against a private business over their Christmas policies? Well by golly, the same number - none whatsoever.


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