In need of inspiration?

(promotion alert)

I know most readers of this blog are godless scientific types, devoid of spirit and joy, unable to see the beauty in anything beyond a pile of numbers....(um, maybe that's not the start of a great sales pitch, let's try again :)

For all of AFTIC's or ScienceBlog's readers who find beauty not just in an elegant solution to a problem or an intricate model that captures the essence of some natural system, but also in art, nature and the human spirit, I would like to announce a project my brother and my sister-in-law, Aaron and Kristina Beck, are trying to launch.  It is a digital magazine called "Inspire U" aimed at inspiring an appreciation of the beauty around us that will be available on tablets and smartphones as monthly issues.  They have just launched a campaign soliciting donations for start up funds.

I won't describe it more, but rather invite you to let them speak for themselves here. If you like the idea, please consider supporting this uplifting and positive project.  You can also just read about it and maybe follow them on Google+ here.

Thank you for your indulgence...

(disclosure: some of my Painting With Water images were featured in a prototype issue and are being offered as thank you gifts in this campaign)

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