Needs more squid

This looks like art to me: the Pyrate Puppet Rock Opera Consortium.

(via Virge)


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Music fan that I am, I found a particularly amusing video of album covers battling it out in a hysterically ultraviolent and cartoon-bloody manner. (Via Stereogum.) If you're like me, and have many hundreds of albums, you'll find yourself counting how many of the album coveres featured in this…
I thought I had more than enough Valentine's videos queued up for the day, but then this one was mentioned: Who would have thought that a video with puppets about a mummy would be the most romantic entry of the day? (via Neil Gaiman)
So, I was taking a trip down memory lane (via a data backup CD created 8 years ago) and found this poem saved up for later reading. Not sure why I had this particular one saved. Anyho, here it is. My young son asks me Bertolt Brecht My young son asks me: Must I learn mathematics? What is the use,…
The music from the Darwin Electro-Opera I mentioned a while back is now available for free, streaming on Pitchfork! (via Nick)