More stuff we missed at the Creation “Museum”

We more or less blitzed through the "museum" last Friday, and I think I speak for many of the 300 when I say that we'd had enough lunacy for the day. Some of us, apparently, had stronger stomachs, and went back for Terry Mortenson's talk later that afternoon. Dr Mortenson is, I think, one of those people with Ph.D.s of whom Ken Ham is so proud…but man, that guy is freakin' nuts. He spoke about human evolution, and you can guess where that went. Well, maybe. I wouldn't have anticipated this:


I know. One minute they're telling us that Gawd created humans exactly as they are now, and all those hominin fossils are just apes, and the next, they're telling us Homo erectus and Neandertal are just Noah's great-grandkids (he had a very complicated family, didn't he?). Consistency is one of those trivial details that gets thrown out when you dismiss human reason, I guess.

Despite the fact that we clearly missed a lot of the insanity going on there, I don't think I need to go back.

File this under "Holy crap" — Jason also attended the lecture, and look what slide Mortenson showed at the end.


That's from the AiG website, too, so we aren't making this up — you can go right to the source.

It doesn't matter that they are imputing that imagery to evolution. Imagine if biologists put on blackface and started talking in thick dialect while claiming that's what creationists think — that's what those scumbags at AiG are doing.

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