Monckton's knickers twisted

Last month, I posted about that devastating critique of Monckton and global warming denial from John Abraham. Abraham teaches at St Thomas University, here in lovely Minnesota.

Monckton replied in a foaming, frothing lather of noise and evasion. It didn't help his cause. The "response" is "magnificently bonkers", and it's mainly getting horse-laughs from the reality-based community. (The denialist community, on the other hand, thinks Monckton has Abraham trembling on the ropes, but then, they're nuts.)

One telling point from Monckton is that he is demanding that St Thomas University take down Abraham's talk and begin a disciplinary inquiry into Abraham. For what? I don't know. I guess it's just a desperate effort to silence his critics. Go ahead and leave a note in support, but right now, it's not a worry. St Thomas has replied to Monckton.

We received your email response to our June 25, 2010 letter. The University of St Thomas respects your right to disagree with Professor Abraham, just as the University respects Professor Abraham's right to disagree with you. What we object to are your personal attacks against Father Dease, and Professor Abraham, your inflammatory language, and your decision to disparage Professor Abraham, Father Dease and The University of St Thomas.

Please be advised that neither we nor the University of St Thomas will communicate with you any further about your decision to sully the University of St. Thomas, Professor Abraham, and others rather than to focus on the scholarly differences between you and Professor Abraham.

Signed: Phyllis Karasov, Moore Costellow and Hart, P.L.L.P.

Good work!


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