The first persuasive argument for Christianity that I've seen

I was sent this link to an apologist defending Christianity against rationalist requests for evidence, and I was unimpressed — all he's got is repeated claims that the Bible says Jesus was lord of the universe, which is not a good argument. I can also point to the Lord of the Rings, which says Gandalf was a powerful wizard, but that doesn't even begin to support any claim that he actually existed.

But I read on, and it got weird. Read this, and somebody explain to me…is he arguing for or against Christianity?

As for the empirical and falsifiable evidence scientists and atheists demand, let's just say it might never be found, at least not on this side of the grave. It may not even exist. And even if someone does find it, along with the missing link, it will probably be like nothing they ever expected.

But if you look up in the sky some cold winter's night around the 25th of December, you just might catch a glimpse of it. No, it's not the space shuttle, or a Russian spy satellite; nor is it an Iranian missile with a nuclear warhead or some other terrorist attack; it's certainly not Louis Farrakhan's mothership, or any other extraterrestrial spacecraft. Is it a myth? Is it science?

No — it's Santa Claus! And if you don't believe that well, you just ain't trying. Or maybe what you really need is a little less science, and a little more myth.

OK, I give up. He has convinced me. Jesus is just as real as Santa Claus.


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