How much does woo pay, anyway?

Whoa. Naming rights to the arena for the Sacramento Kings has been bought up by a corporation — no surprise at all there — but guess who bought it?

The company that makes those cheesy and ridiculous Power Balance bracelets, those scraps of silicone with an imbedded hologram that they falsely tout as improving athletic performance. This is the same company that got slapped down by an Australian court…and they make $35 million a year defrauding the public.

We're all in the wrong business.

There's also a poll at the article:

Although the name change is tentative, Arco Arena is to be renamed after Power Balance bracelets. So it is possible that you'll be going to watch the Kings at 'Power Balance Arena'. What do you think?

I like it
I'm indifferent
I dislike it

Hey, how can people dislike it? Maybe the company will give the home team free magic bracelets so that they'll win all their games!

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